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Shahina Aftab Foundation

Global NGO for women & children

14 Million Pakistanis left homeless. 7 Million did not have food or water for days. History marked July 2010 as a time when blood became cheaper than water. Thousands of men, women & children were forced to drink water that had the remains of dead animals and humans. Infants died in scores & entire villages were swept away!
TIME WAS RUNNING OUT.  An entire nation watched in shock and horror the aftermath of floods. The United Nations Secretary General termed the Pakistan Floods of 2010: "the worst tragedy on Earth."

This is when Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) was born in one-room apartment by co-founders: investment banker, Noor Aftab and development sector expert, Shahina Aftab Foundation. Noor raised $100,000 in six months and Shahina drove the operation to save 10,000 lives in five of Pakistan's worst hit districts: Nowshera, Charsadda, Abottabad, Kalam and SWAT. Flood victims were provided life saving medicines, food and quilts. 

SAF started two free-schools for 300 flood affected children in Nowshera and Charsadda. The children that came to SAF schools either lost their families, homes or both. They were part of the 3 Million Pakistani children that never attended a single classroom lecture in their lives. When the came to our schools they shouted foul words in Pashto, grabbed all the food and goodies, and threw stones at one another. Yet a year spent in counseling, education and love made these children read and write entire sentences in English, harbor dreams of a better tomorrow and teach their communities about hygiene. 

Today, the Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF), listed with United Nations, as women development NGO, is into its 8th year of service with 200,000 women across 8 countries enjoying access to employment because of our work and partnerships. Work with us to make a difference!    


 Women we work for

Being poor in Pakistan is a "sentence for life". A life of pain, misery & hunger. A life you wish you never had. Add women next to the word "poor" and thats whats at the bottom of pit.

These women face  natural disasters/conflicts/ social exclusion, hardship & distress.  They are harassed, burnt & beaten to death, yet there's is an untold story.

                                 They don't even earn enough to meet the basic nutriton needs! women dies for for every 89 children born.  Of the 14 million child labourers in the country, 45% are girls. They are forced into child marriages, abuse and bonded labor.






      How Its Done

 We help women with short term crisis aid, counselling, skill development, business support and micro grants & aid.

Working philosophy--- Giving women confidence & skills to rebuild their lives. The idea is to make these women access basic necessities of life as keeping the stove burning, putting food on their plate and living a life of dignity.

By empowering them to be "agents of change", we ensure they play their role in community development as  sending their children to school, understanding their responsibilities and becoming donors from beneficiaries.



      Impact & Results

Floods in Pakistan were termed as the biggest disaster on earth. When entire villages were washed away, food perished & people were forced to drink water with remains of dead animals and humans 

BBC covered our work-- SAF, its members, donors & volunteers became the ray of hope for over 100,000 people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: the worst hit province.

In eight years we have worked with government, public, and private sector to introduce products that have provided employment and economic opportunities to over 200,000 women across eight countries

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