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Shahina Aftab Foundation

Global NGO for women & children

About Us

Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) is a global NGO whose primary objective is providing women set back in life by impact of natural disasters/ conflicts/ social exclusion, hardship & distress with tools & skilled to restart their lives. This is done through skill based training, empowerment & sustainable income generating project. The aim is to empower women to be "agents of change" who provide for themselves, their children and play an active role in community development. SAF also advocates on social issues as environment, corporate social responsibility and calamity management.



Providing women “a chance at life” through skill based training, enterprise development and microloans/ grants enabling them access to necessities of life. And empowering women to become agents of change & play their role in community development.


Ø      Provision of short-term crisis aid;

Ø      Counselling;

Ø      Encouraging economic enterprise;

Ø      Skill development;

Ø      Business support;

Ø      Micro loans & grants

Ø      Undertaking community development projects as buidling schools, hospitals & community centers.

Ø      Cooperation/ Coordination with organizations & partners having similar goals and objectives


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