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Shahina Aftab Foundation

Global NGO for women & children

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Iftikhar Ali
About Me

I have been working in telecome sector for last few years. Currently am serving public sector that is dealing industrial audits across nation and deal with ISO accreditation bodies. We have been giving training and consultancy to major public domains and the over all philosopy been to bring change in the mind set of people handing and controling system. Because of the nature of Social Welfare secotr, I intend to contribute something for this sector as it links to something that is noble and worth doing.

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lesley muggeridge
62 years old

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iftikhar Bin Niaz
55 years old
About Me

I was in Eftikhar company throughout .Retired from Corps of Engineers in 2008 . Have two sons and settled in Lahore . My contact # is 0300 9709701

35 years old
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